District Notices

Dinner Program and the 21st Century After School Program to begin October 16th

The 21st Century After School Program will begin on Tuesday, October 16th. The dinner program will also begin on Tuesday, October 16th. The North Adams Public Schools' districtwide dinner program is offered to all students, 18 years of age and under, at Brayton Elementary School on a weekly basis from 4:45 to 5:15 PM, Monday through Friday, over the course of the school year. Please note, the dinner program is offered on days when the After School program is in session.
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Drury High School Greenhouse Educational Program: Seasonal Items

The Greenhouse Educational Program is operated by students at Drury High School. Students plant flowers, vegetables, house plants, create craft items, and provide services to local schools and our community. Seasonal and holiday items include fall decorating, wreaths, and kissing balls, to name a few. Please see the brochure for more information, including hours and location!
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Parent Travel Survey

The Safe Routes to School Task Force is asking parents to complete travel surveys that give us information on where students are coming from and how they are getting to/from school. Schools that get 50% participation of parents completing surveys will receive a $250.00 gift card.
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