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Wayne Soars speaks at Sullivan Elementary School
Wayne Soars addressed Sullivan Elementary students on Thursday to speak about the importance of our words & actions. Mr. Soars urged students to do the right thing when someone is being bullied and learn to stand up when you are the victim.
It’s very important that parents & guardians call the office first thing in the morning to let the office know when their child is home sick or will be late because of an appointment.
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District Notices

Special Education Rights & Responsibilities Presentation on October 20th 6:00-7:30 p.m at the Brayton Elementary School Library
Noreen Donnelly, Administrator of Special Education, will inform parents and guardians about their rights regarding special education and how collaboration between
family and school personnel can be enhanced.
Substitute Teacher Rate Increased
North Adams Public Schools Cancellations & Delays
All cancellations and delays will be listed here.
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